9. Electricity and Doors

Glueing and screwing is the name of the game.

Kitchen galley shelve supports and uprights were attached.  The shelves were finished and out on the truck bed drying when I heard a splat and ran out to grab both in out of the rain.  Oh, my, did it rain.


Not every support could be installed; I’m still not sure of the dimension I want to use: 1/4″ seems thin, 1/2″ will probably do it.

I purchased thin electrical boxes for the shallow floor.  They fit like a dream.  The wire stripper was a wonderful tool. There is an identical box opposite. Plus a 12 volt plugin.


I really sweat the doors. What size; what heighth; buy or make????  One gets many ideas from Pinterest, but there is no standard.  I cut the whole thing with my jigsaw and a new blade.   The second was a breeze.


Hopes for huge progress tomorrow!!!

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