35. Almost wrapping up

Little pleasures make life so much easier:  I found a perfect little handle for the bottom of the hatch which makes lifting easier and looks nice.



A little trim covering the joint where wall meets floor.  No more worry about losing a drill bit down there. (:   I used some old oak corner trim that I’ve had laying around for the front wall/floor joint.


I make a simple double lift system for the hatch.  Two 1×2 cedar were just the right height. I added a notch and pin to hold them in place; their base rests on the bed.



The door latch stumped me for a couple of hours.  I ended up getting it done, but the words of one builder were stinging my ears…she said just buy the darn things.   I agree.  Making doors is not for me.


I did get the doors and hatch taped with a rubber sponge-type material so hopefully stay water- and mosquito-proof.   Like a lot of my building, we’ll see.

The last task of the day was getting the battery box mounted and bolted on. Two 1×6 cedar will provide a lasting base for it.



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