39. Empty Nest

In December I happened upon a trailer for sale.  It was basically all that I had wanted, right length, potty, shower (actually a tub, too), AC and a dual power refrig.  In two days, the new baby -Christmas present to myself- was sitting in my driveway ready to be all learned about.  I have just enough smarts to know that reading the manual about plumbing, gas, and electricity on board BEFORE going out for a weekend is a good move.

What to do about my sweet, little teardrop?    As luck, fate, blessings would have it, the day after Christmas a fellow from KC called and wanted to look at it to buy…and buy he did, right then and there!!!


Only a little tug on my heart strings as he and his daughter drove off with their new adventure-mobile; they were happy and excited, already with a Mt. Rushmore trip on the table.

Building the teardrop was a great and FUN learning experience.  I won’t do it again, I have now all I need, but it was neat.

And now off to new adventures.

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