34. There and Back Again

I got the call I was waiting for: The camper was ready.  The shop guys had paid a lot of attention to the teardrop when I pulled up.  They had only heard about the style.  It was cute to see the next generation all excited as I was.

Instead of welding the stablizers on, they had drilled and bolted them on.  He said if I ever damaged one it could be easily removed, at least easier than unwelding it.  I agreed.   The rest was given the AOK and I was off again, home!

I practiced backing the trailer without using my rearview mirror, only the side ones.   Right into the garage.  Perfect.   That’s one in a row, as Jim Norris used to say.

I removed the doors and screwed in the windows.   Still not sure I did it right, but they seem tight and look nice.

The inside trim for the fan went on really easy, just had to cut it down to fit the thickness of the ceiling.


The last biggie of today was attaching the plastic hinge.   No instructions. ):    O made my best guess and used LOTS of silicone.  It worked the first time and the hatch went smoothly back down, nestled between the walls.


I placed the galley back in, shelves and uprights, screwing supports as I went.  Two notches had to be cut in the first shelf to accommodate the sides of the hatch.


And now for lit up galley and cabin views…


I still have the option of removing the galley if that is desired for storage.

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