32. Layers, doors and trim, oh, my!

The door design came together by adding a 1/2 inch thick frame around the exterior of the door – but not the hinge side, to keep the parts even. A seal will be attached to the frame and also a seal will be placed between the door and its cutout. This will give a channel  through which any loose moisture might drain. That’s the plan, anyway


I primed the cabin with my old friend KILZ  and then after putting the second door frame together, painted with my house paint.




The doors worked as planned  but they will be removed to paint the hinge.  Exterior hardware is black  .

I needed to secure the hatch but was at a loss until I watched a cute YouTube that used snap hasps to keep the back snug while in transit.  I finally found a pair at the hardware store.  I could NOT screw the hook onto the edge of the hatch, it being only 1/8″ think so I added a little triangle of wood to which I could easily screw the mechanism without damaging the thin ply.


Yes, it’s all wrinkly, but I don’t really care.  It’ll be cozy inside.

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