28. Re-do

This is what happens when things dont go right.


The glued up heavy cloth ended up bubbling and lifting away from the walls. There was no fixing it so I gave it a pull, or 5, and off it came. I’ll re-use it somehow.

So I went in search of sheets. It took 3 quick stops at motels to get a large, well-used cotton sheet for free. It was 8×7′ so I got both sides covered. Clearance shelves at a discount store always have sheets and I got a nice cotton  set at 1/3rd the regular price. (:

This time I soaked the sheet with the glue/water mix and placed it carefully, smoothed it with my gloved hand, then rolled it tight with a sponge roller. It looked nice.

The first side I did solo; Holly helped on the second cutting the time it took by well over half.



At bedtime it still looked pretty good.


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