27. Covering

First order of business was finishing the electrical connections to the tongue box.

Then I cut and prepped the front skin to cover all the electrical.  It was glued and pinned with the airnailer.

I was at a loss as to how to procede with the canvas coating. There are just no instructions for what I was doing.  So this is what Ive tried:

1. Paint the wood with 1/1 water and Titebond.

2. Pin the cloth on the side and roll more of the 1/1 stuff on, pushing it through to touch the wood.

3. Go back over it and reglue some parts

This method gave only fair results  not all of the cloth was stuck down.

The other side I treated differently. Same step 1, but to get more 1/1 into and through the cloth, I put the watery glue in a bucket and dumped the cloth into it squishing and absorbing almost all of the wet.

I then proceeded as before, smoothing and tugging intil the cloth was tight.

I’ll give it a 24 dry before messing with it.

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