25. Twist and Shout

Most of the hatch went together as planned, but I noticed that some of the skin had not sealed and was pulling away from the frame under tension. I poured glue on the crack and shoved it into the gap with a putty knife.  Clamped, it is doing just fine.  image


I clamped, glued and nailed the 18″ ceiling piece in place.  Working on one’s back, reaching up 4′ to work is not much fun.   A bit more appreciation for the Cistine Chapel coming. That blue thing is a wire loom that holds the hatch light wires.  Had to have a flexible device to go between the hatch and the ceiling.


Not a banner day for liquid nails.   The front of the birch top let go.  When I saw it, I yelled, AHHHH! But then I got busy with a clamp hack and wedges to push it all back.  I think a cap over the edges, screwed into the beam will do it.  For now, lotsa glue and brads liberally applied are working.image

So I’m at the point of starting in on the doors.   Hmmm.   Cannot for the life of me figure out how the window goes in.   I’m thinking a call to the seller  in the morning will be worthwhile.


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