24. Unhinged

It went as planned but thank goodness the glue wasnt too quick-setting, I had plenty of clamps and a airnailer. I laid the hinge end and clamped it, then clamped the middle section and lastly got close on the bumper end.   Then after much comparing and nudging, I started in with short brads via the air nailer.


It worked.  nice and tight.

After finishing the nailing, I lifted the whole hatch and made sure it fit neatly between the galley walls.  Satisfied, I set the hatch back level to dry.   By 8:00 or so I was able to remove the remaining clamps  and set the hatch in its rightful place.


You can barely see the 4′ mark where the hatch door meets the roof.  I was more than satisfied.  It evoked a fist pump or two.

The hinge came today.  It is a hyper-strength, super-duper long piece of plastic.   They SAY it’s awesome.   We’ll see.

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