21. Put a lid on it!

Holly was kind enough to help me steady a 4 x 8 sheet of 3 ply birch while I ran around gluing, clamping, strapping and screwing the thing down to conform to the 2′ radius of the front of the camper.   It worked!!  First time.

I had prepared with 4-16′ nylon straps.   The ratchets pulled things in tight and the crossbeams put extra pressure where it was needed.   A few brads with the airgun and then screws made it a tight fit.

I used mostly Liquid Nails as on the inside skin but ran out with a 6 foot run to go.  Titebond to the rescue.  It was satisfying seeing the goop squeezed out of a good bond.

The rain let up long enough to get the job done and I was elated to be at this point. A 24 hour cure will do it. The cap piece is on and lots of little, but meaningful things to do.


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