20. Day of Fut!

No pics today because I didn’t want to take a picture of a terrible mistake in cutting.  If the Titanic was my router all passengers would have made it to NY; missed the targeted beam by a mile.

The inner skin  hung past a beam.  Trimming it is very difficult. Measuring it impossible. But cutting it wrong was a piece o’cake. FUT!  Fortunately I know what a scab is and can cover the booboo with some trim.  I grimaced but wasn’t to bent about it.

Bruce at church suggested zip-tying all the wires.  He’s an electrician so I listened.

The real FUT! in the day was my truck dying at Menards, having to have it towed to a shop and tomorrow paying a bill likely worth more than the truck.   But it WILL start, so that’s good.

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