19. AC/DC rocks!

My electrical skillz finally clicked. In went the DC fuse box,  all red + wires connected to it. Then the ground bar with all black- wires screwed in there. Every lamp and 12 volt plug got connected, then a couple of thick wires to the battery and Let there be light!!




imageFor wiring one must have a crimping tool, quick connectors, lots of tape and connector nuts for 16 ga wire.  Im using a bright blue tube, called a loom, to cover heavy cables to and from the battery

I placed the 12 volt plugins at an angle to reduce their profiles. I will put a very small triangular shelf on each. I imagine phones can be placed there for charging.


The fan will have to wait to be permanently installed but I hooked it up just to see and hear it run. Worked like a charm.


I also temporarily connected the AC shore power plug and used my extension cord to fire it up.

Worked  (:

I’m about ready to close this baby up and begin on the hatch and doors. The windows came in so things are starting to really come together.

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