16. Gravity and boxes

Applying clear finish is a race against runners, those streaks that glide down a verticle surface from a overladen brush. One needs to continually go over them until they are spread thin enough to not escape.

Painting a ceiling is a whole different animal…no runners. The finish obeys gravity immediately and plops straight down its extra volume. I was lucky there on two fronts. First, I had left over from housepainting a small sponge roller. It did quite well. And, second, I had two chunks of cardboard that were kind enough to catch any of those drips.

The finish is applied now and it looks pretty sharp.


Mail was a joyous time today. I received a large shipment of lights, plugs and accessories, box after box of excitement.

The best part of my work today was finally deciding what and where my shore and battery would be. Brain power then do it.  I believe it’s called measure twice; cut once.

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