15. Insulation and a big hole

Every teardrop I’ve seen uses insulation in the top of the cabin. I think it will help, not so much with the cold -sweaters and hoodies are for that- but with the heat.  It can get quite warm in October.  I imagine I will be happy in the long-term to have joined the crowd.  I see NO use for adding a layer to the walls; 3/4 plywood will do just fine by itself.

I’m using 3/4″ hard foam. One sheet does it all. A very sharp utility knife blade works well.  I have read that a hot knife is super.  Didn’t need it so one less tool to buy. (:


I drilled up through the ceiling to make a pilot hole and then used a router bit to cut the opening.  Because I was cutting UP,  I got COVERED with the sawdust, in my mouth, nose, ears, hair and shoulders.  Ick.  What a mess.  BIG mistake to not use a mask.  Glad I had my glasses on. The subsequent shower felt very good.

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