12.9+.1 Tuck-ins

Sometimes it’s a good thing to just slow down and wrap up a few loose ends.  Today was such a day.

I had 16 wires all pulled and neatly bundled together… and had no idea which belonged to what accessory.   When the top skin is laid down, no one will have a clue to where each wire is headed.  So I followed each from its beginning to end and put a tape label on it.

I guessed correctly that the kitchen walls would do well with 3/8 plywood. Oh, yeah! Everything slipped in like it was planned, which it was. I’m still patting myself on the back for only gluing half of the shelf supports in so that the galley can be dis-assembled if need arises.

All the glue held on the inside skin.  I still have to think that I will walk out to the garage, only to see everything go *sproing*, but, no.  All is well.

I finally found the router bits that I knew were around someplace. Dad left me a bunch of tools and at the bottom of a tub of them was the little gray box of fairly new router bits, including 3 cutting bits.  They will be very helpful in the next week.  Thanks, Dad.

Happy Labor Day tomorrow.

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