11. Beams and wires

The cross beams are so simple; each 46 3/8″. I cut and spread glue on each end, then placed soooo carefully flush with the top edge of the wall at the marked spot. My brad nailer was very helpful. Then I drilled and screwed each beam.

I framed a square opening on the top for a 12 volt fan which happened to arrive by Fedex today. It was very exciting to dlop it in and crank up the rain cover.

I also framed a 13×18 opening in the front for a possible airconditioner. An AC plug is next to it. Not sure I’ll put one in but its prepared at any rate.


Since I knew what I wanted for lights and accessories, running wires, black and red, to each spot was fairly easy. Drill and pull. 100 ft of each color was almost exactly what I needed.

I also finished roughing in the AC wires. The AC shore power plug is on its way.


The only part Im unsure of is how the wires all connect to what. Im sure I’ll find out.

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