5. Floor finished and side outlined

I had planned to attach the floor with carriage bolts with wingnuts underneath.   There was not enough clearance in the beam to turn the wings, therefore, Plan B.  I used regular nuts.  I can get at them just as easy as the wings AND can snug them with a box-end wrench.  Yay for plans B.

This build is all about simplify!  I used a water-based clear finish to cover the floor. It will take three coats with a 240 grit sanding between .  A few extra holes were filled; one will probably never see them.


While the finish dries, I turned my attention to the sidewalls.  I used a 2′ radius for the front top and a 4′ radius for the hatch. I think this will give me maximum space, easy curves and a nice overall shape.  SideOutline.JPG

I hope I’m not being too clever by one…. the 3′ at the top of the wall may be re-fashioned at some point to accommodate a pop-up roof.  Or a lift up, foam entrance door, with almost 6′ headroom.   Oh, the possibilities!!!

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